Being one of the biggest weeks of the University year, we like to make sure we have a huge presence on campus. Whilst you’re likely to see us throughout the week, we’ve organised some events for you to really get a full introduction to the club and meet some other snowsporters! Our events will be listed in the Freshers’ Pack, but to give you a quick idea, this is what we have in line:

Wednesday: Meet & Greet

The Ram

What other way than to start off the Snowsports year than with beers and smiles? With members new and old, you’ll really get a chance to meet new, like-minded people and find that uni really isn’t that scary after all! We’ll also be able to answer any questions you may have, about the club or otherwise!

Saturday: Freshers' Fair

Sports Hall

One word describes the fair: manic. Everywhere you go on campus will be packed full of students wanting to sign up to any and every club available! Fortunately, our fantastic helpers will be around to point you in the right direction if you can’t find us, and will most likely be able to answer any question you have being snowsports veterans themselves. This will be the first opportunity to sign up to the club & pick up one of our incredible Freshers packs! Do pop over to us in the Sports Hall if you have the chance, you really won’t regret it!

Sunday: Welcome BBQ

Location TBC

If you missed out on signing up at the Freshers Fair, don’t worry – you’ll be able to sign up at our BBQ too.  The BBQ is completely free (we do also cater for you veggies out there!).


As is with every AU club, we love going along to competitions to represent Exeter. These are mostly competitions just for University students – and it’s always just for a bit of fun! Whether you fancy having a go yourself, or coming along for moral support, we love to get as many of our members involved as possible!

Kings Ski Racing


With Exeter being part of the infamous ‘Western League’, there is no doubt where you should be on these Saturdays! With mixed, ladies, and board teams, it’s a great opportunity for you to have a go at racing. Get in touch with our ski captain for more info.


Edinburgh, November

The British University Dry Slope Championships – one of the biggest weekends in the university Snowsports season.

Over 2000 students from 70 unis, all together in Edinburgh. Busy days on the infamous Hillend dry slope. Huge nights out in the city. Whether you’re competing or spectating, it’s definitely not one to miss!


Milton Keynes, February

Taking place at the indoor snowzone in Milton Keynes, BUISC is a full day of non stop skiing with racing and freestyle all taking place throughout the day, and not to mention the infamous ‘boat race’, you’d be silly to miss out. Qualifying teams then get to go to BUISC finals up in Leeds.

BUiSC Finals

Castleford Leeds, March

Taking place at the indoor snowzone in Leeds, BUISC final is a full day of non stop skiing with racing and freestyle all taking place throughout the day. The qualifiers of BUISC regionals will be battling it out with the UK’s best, you’d be silly to miss out.


No. 1

Freshers Week

Trip Launch Nights


A huge night out with all your fellow Snowsporters, where the trips will be launched, booking code given out, and the real excitement begins.

Pub nights & movie screenings


Pub nights where you can watch the latest shred film, get to know other keen members or chat to the committee about what is coming up.

Boozy bowling


One of the most hotly anticipated events of the year, it is exactly what it says on the tin. Drinking and bowling in outrageous fancy dress. What could possibly go wrong?